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Bridge is a four-player card game that revolves around winning the number of tricks you bid on at the start of the round. Two players facing each other form a team and their ultimate goal is to win more points than the adversary. At the beginning, the players receive 13 cards each. The round starts with a bidding auction, where the players must either pass or bid on a suit and a number of tricks. Every following bid must be higher than the previous one and if someone bids on the same number of tricks, a higher suit must be selected at least (lowest to highest: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, No Trumps). The auction closes when three passes follow a bid. The highest bidder becomes the declarer (the respective suit becomes trump) and the opponents are therefore defenders. The declarer's team must win a number of tricks equal to the bid plus six. The play starts from the person to the left of the declarer.

When their turn comes, every player must lay down one card from their hand. The discarded card must be of the same suit as the first card. If the player doesn't have one, any card is fine. The player with the highest-ranking card of the starting suit or with the highest-ranking trump card wins the trick. The winner starts the next trick and the game continues until all 13 tricks are exhausted.

In the end the game calculates the points distributed to the teams. There are two types: points below the line and above the line. If the declarer's team succeeds in honoring its bid, they win different amounts of points, depending on the trump card. For Clubs and Diamonds this is equal to bid x 20 points, while for Hearts and Spades the bid's value gets multiplied by 30. If there was no trump suit, then the team receives a number of points equal to (bid x 30) + 10. Once a team reaches 100 points, the match is over. This can be achieved in one or multiple games. The points above the line do not count in a game's results, but do count in the final score of the match. This way, a team can reach 100 points first, but can also lose the match. There are two main types of points above the line, besides many other different bonus. When the declaring team wins additional tricks to their bid's prerequisite, they earn the same amount of points per overtrick as for points below the line, except the +10 bonus. Similarly, if the declaring team fails to win the required number of tricks, the defender team is awarded a varying amount of points, depending on the case.


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