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Bush Shoot-Out Screenshots (Browser)

User Screenshots

Browser version

The title screen
Main Menu
The calm before the storm.
George and his little friend.
There goes terrorist #1.
Getting in the groove now.
Tearing up another. If you look around you can see that you can damage your surroundings.
Escorting Powell out the hard way.
Just accidentally shot a Secret Service agent to the left. Oops!
Taking out more, and if you notice that you can effect the lighting by shooting out lamps as well.
Meeting up with Rice.
Blasting away with two Uzis.
Sneaking downstairs.
Tearing up terrorists in first person.
Heading outside.
Defending the front lawn, that explosion was a car.
Blowing up a chopper Rambo style.
Is he playing dead?
Not anymore!
End of the game.