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Celebrating 50 Years of Kids Coding Credits

Coding for Carrots Team - Engineering

Doodle Lead EngineeringBrian Murray, David Lu
Doodle Engineering SupportJordan Thompson
Doodle Engineering ManagerBen McMahan
Google Blockly EngineeringErik Pasternak, Katelyn Mann, Rachel Fenichel

Coding for Carrots Team - Creative

Creative LeadGerben Steenks
Artists/AnimatorsAlyssa Winans, Pedro Vergani
UX LeadKevin Burke
Doodle Team LeadsJessica Yu, Brian Kaas

Coding for Carrots Team - Production

Program ManagerGreg Capuano
Marketing & Partnerships LeadPerla Campos
User Testing LeadBeth Foss
Localization LeadsChiara Vanone, Tai Sevelo

Internal Partners

CS First Product ManagerChris Busselle
CS First Program ManagersMatthew Dawson, Brendan Chan

External Partners

MIT ScratchChampika Fernando, Mitch Resnick, Carl Bowman, Tim Mickel, Andrew Sliwinski
Music/Sound DesignSilas Hite

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Credits for this game were contributed by GTramp (62831)