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Darfur is Dying Screenshots (Browser)

User Screenshots

Browser version

Start screen
Choose an avatar
Not all the choices are available
Starting the water-foraging minigame
This grown woman runs so slowly, she's easy prey for the Janjaweed militia
Scurrying near home camp as a smaller child
Hiding (ineffectively) from the militia
Consequences of that particular character being caught
This little boy dashes lively
Hiding successfully
The desert can be a grim place, but any port in a storm
Reaching the well! Now, can you get the water back home?
Don't trip!
Can I reach the glow before the truck? Odds are good.
Water-gathering minigame completion
An introduction to the refugee camp
My location
Everyone in town has a story the likes of which are rarely told in games.
Visiting the clinic will improve camp health
Gathering water
Crops grown in the field
Threat meter reaches crisis levels
What can I, the player, do to take action?
After an attack the camp health is low and buildings have been destroyed
Rebuilding using water to make bricks (meaning I need to go get more water again!)
Entering a high score
Online high score table. The scores get a bit more realistic a couple of pages down.