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Dark Orbit Screenshots (Browser)

User Screenshots

Browser version

Registration form
Choosing my company: as Dark Orbit is an MMO game, I choose the MMO.
The online advisor has some first help for me.
The starting screen.
The online help gives a detailed overview of all game elements.
Hangar: this is the info in a nutshell of a space ship I'm starting with.
Hangar: the equipment of my ship doesn't thrill me, either.
Hangar: cool ships for sale - of course way too expensive for a noob.
Hangar: showing statistics of the best ship for starters.
Hangar: strolling around the laser department.
Hangar: wow, look at this cool stuff all around.
Lab: here I can melt materials into even better materials.
Credits area: Premium content anyone?
Quest area: getting myself a job.
Quest area: challenges are a nice time-killing for more experienced players.
Trading area: Here the players can sell their stuff to each other.
Clan area: Join a clan or found your own.
The logbook: every action of mine is accurately logged.
Player statistics: hey, look at this up-and-coming young space pilot.
The loading screen gives some much needed advice for the action part of the game.
Starting out at the home space station of my company, nice.
Collecting my first resources, notice the chat interface at the lower left.
A resource nest with nice background.
Look at all this glimmering space trash.
Selling my loot for hard cash at the space station.
Aaaarrrrgghhhh, where's that reverse gear?
The first neutral enemies are called "Streuners" which is German for vagrant.
This Streuner is no more, I can now sack the debris he left.
Streuner battle, look at the questing interface at the upper right.
My friendly repair robot in action.
Wow, I found a stargate, where will it take me?
Ah, there will it take me.
Fighting a stronger enemy with a friendly player.
Battle with a quick and a slow enemy.
Hey, me too, me too. Look at the big ships and many drones these players own.
Err, that's by far the biggest enemy so far.
An enemy too big.