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Dungeons and Dungeons Credits (Browser)

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Dungeons and Dungeons Credits


Creative DirectorVincent LaCava
Executive ProducerKelly Galligan
ProducerIan Wells
Art DirectorWill Hall
Visual DesignersJesse McGowan, Marc Robinson, Rachel Morris
ProgrammersNikita Mikros, Tiny Mantis
Editor ProgrammingMichael Black
Game DesignerNoah Sasso
Level DesignersAdam Nash, Charles Pratt
ResearcherGeorgia Perris
Lead AnimatorJoon Choi
AnimatorWill Bredbeck
MusicMark Thompson
Production AssistantSam Ryan
Special ThanksChris Swain, USC Game Lab, Frank Lantz, Chris Lamb

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Credits for this game were contributed by Cantillon (18701)