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Gyossait Screenshots (Browser)

User Screenshots

Browser version

A word from the author before starting the game
Oyeatia travels to Earth.
Close-up of Oyeatia
Title screen
After waking up, the game starts.
Exploring the environment. Generally there is only a single path to follow.
Use these launch pads to move up.
Gyossait has a few words to share.
No weapons, just deflect the bullets.
I'm slashed by this woman.
Collecting a key
Use keys to remove barriers such as this one.
More words in the background
Fighting a scorpion-like creature
Switches remove or activate platforms.
This is probably someone called AZUZA.
Another cut-scene
Fighting transformation: no head, but plenty of bullets
You often restart near a tree.
Platforming section
Two large claws appear on both sides.
You recovered your women's heart.
There are plenty of NPCs in the background.
You need a special key to open this door.
A red mist clouds the environment.
Be patient to get past these claws.