Legends of Zork Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Start screen
Generating a new character
Overland map
The wretched perks section
In-game message system
Regional overview map
Tutorial kicking in at the home base
Entering into the woods where combat, danger and treasure await!
Winning a combat -- and finding a Fanucci card!
A diagram helpfully spelling out the math under the hood
Some general game knowledge from the FAQ
An area of the FAQ specifically detailing the one-in-three approach selections
A rare non-combat encounter
Losing a health point, but gaining a level!
Choosing an improvement skill back at the base after leveling up
Fighting my last encounter of the day in a new area
My character's profile after a hard day's adventuring
High score table (these must be beta testers -- these shots were taken the day the game went live!)
Error screen
My reach exceeded my grasp, and I was slain in a combat that was literally unwinnable
Organizing my meagre collection of Double Fanucci cards
Beefing up as I pass 10th level...
The avatar gets more particular and peculiar as the levels go by
Three kinds of further non-combat encounters...
Mazes, traps, and puzzles
They come in both magical and mechanical varieties.
Unearthing a temporary new location
A later development, managing Quests
Beginning a Quest
Quest notification -- try somewhere else
Though not entirely Zorkian, a strong streak of strange humour persists
Eventually, the game began tracking trophies
A new development -- an animated Flash menu in-town.
Game really over.