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Marvel: Avengers Alliance Browser Combat screen.


Marvel: Avengers Alliance Credits

25 people

Playdom (Bellevue Studio)

Executive ProducerChia Chin Lee (uncredited)
Lead ProducerChristopher Liu II (uncredited)
Game DesignersJoshua Billeaudeau (uncredited), Ben Batstone (uncredited)
ProgrammingPhilippe Cheng (uncredited), Hays Clark (uncredited), Brandon Cook (uncredited), Mike Copley (uncredited), Warren Eng (uncredited), Michael Gaertner (uncredited), Chris Ochs (uncredited), Sneha Ramchandran (uncredited), Jose Rosado (uncredited)
Art DirectorLeigh Kellogg (uncredited)
ArtKelly Hamilton (uncredited), John Kantz (uncredited), Sam Wood (uncredited)
UI DesignersJohnny Waterman (uncredited), Derrick Ngo (uncredited)
ProductionRobert Reichner (uncredited), Gabe Brown (uncredited), Tony Iuppa (uncredited), Christopher Liu II (uncredited)
TestJay Embry (uncredited), Andrew Aleshire (uncredited)


ProductionTodd Quincey Jefferson (uncredited)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Hays Clark (11)