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The welcome screen nicely describes the three things Metaplace was designed for.
As usual, there's a myriad of options to design your alter ego after yourself - or even better looking.
This is what you get when clicking on "me".
A fresh member profile.
My avatar even has a kind of paper doll inventory.
This green furry alien is called a meep - and he already knows my name. Scary.
White-on-yellow arrow teleporters are the doors to your friends' or enemies' worlds.
Let's try building our own world. In the beginning it's boring...
...but the possibilities are endless, as this example shows.
First things first, size does matter in this game.
There's a bunch of tiles available already, but I wanna import my own grass that's just how I like it: chemically green.
After having sowed my personal green, I'm playing around with the height of the terrain, so neighbours can not spy me when I take a naked sunbath.
Browsing the object list, there's not many things that are missing.
Those objects that are missing can be bought in the marketplace.
Growing my newly-bought puppy until it will expel every intruder at first sight.
This is the most important thing in the world builder: The behavior tool.
Let's give my welcome sign a tooltip message...
...success. Okay I could have been a little more inventive.
Choosing the right background will give your small newbie world the feeling of vastness.
Now that my world looks a bit like Tiananmen Square in 1989, I'm convinced of this powerful tool.
The exploring part starts best in this view - there's a world for every taste.
I decided to check out the official content. First thing I'm learning is about the implemented questing system.
And now I've scored my first quest, nothing special, just a little vacation.
This is the player interaction menu. Somehow I don't feel like hugging today, meeping this lady sounds more fun.
But first, let's play some two-player games.
Made a match in this Memory variant.
The good old Tic Tac Toe makes its appearance...
...and it's still good for a little fun in between.
In this game I have to collect medallions until I can't carry any more...
...then deliver them fast to the game master.
Playing a round of Jacks! where I have to click the given number of little jacks before the red ball has fallen down.
The world builder can be used for building adventures, too. This is a version of Jack the Ripper.
Yippieh, I unveiled a Youtube video.
What does this hint actually mean?
I found HIS tools, I just hope HE doesn't want them back...
Level up ! I scored some money, a new ability, and a new pair of jeans.
This funny game is called Zoo Escape. I'll have to guide my pet safely over several highways to win.
But quite frankly, this is NOT easy.
And on the horizon, he saw the retirement grounds of the brave players who completed Zoo escape.
World builders can hide golden eggs in their worlds to lure other players in.
I found a golden egg. Okay, found is the wrong word, it jumped in my face.
Metaword makes me build words from a bunch of randomly generated letters.
This game has me squash the spiders that want to eat my seedlings, ...
...then care for my growing plants to produce seeds, and...
...finally harvest the seeds for many experience points and money.
Okay, those who don't know the original game's title should swiftly get back to their Wii or something.
Tetris goes everywhere, every time, and every place.
Geo Quest is a geographical knowledge game, where the player...
...has to guess city locations on a world map. I chose a screenshot where I didn't fail in the baddest kind of way.
This game is called Ant Farm, but you won't see too many ants.
Instead, it is a matching game where you have to rotate four blocks to create diamonds.
Meep Asplode sounds like fun, but...
...I couldn't find a second player to play with me, sniff.
Remember that quest from screenshots # 23? Good, it is completed now.
Will Wright is a game dedicated to Wheelwright. Err, or was it the other way round?
However, this game is a color matching puzzler for people with good eyes.
Hunting some undead Meeps with fireballs.
Those undead Meeps can kill you, so you can stay on that graveyard without feeling misplaced.
This game is called Metaspace and is a multi-player space shooter.
A puzzle game called "Teenage Daughter's Bedroom". As the name suggests, you'll have to move a myriad of things to make your way through the level.