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Main Menu
I guess that's where I'm supposed to go
Psychodelic halway
While digging a moat around a building I accidentally flooded the basement
Flooded tunnesl
Office entrance
Outdoor terrain (random generated, apart from my moat
My glass dam protects the valley
glass aquaduct
a room of a house high up in the sky with a glass floor
The builder of this house is overlooking the world
Brick house
Tree house
Tree house as seen from ground
A pink pyramid has erupted from the ground
The pyramid starts all the way at the bottom of the map...
...and reaches to the clouds
View from on top of the pyramid
The pyramid as seen from afar
The pyramid from within
pyramid from the treehouse
My tomb is complete
I'm entombing a player who's AFK
A selection of blocks available for construction
Some constructions can get quite elaborate
Making giant-sized versions of video game sprites is one of the favorite pastimes of Minecrafters
Entire cities built in Minecraft are not a rare sight
Survival Test
ditto, wood breaks into 3-5 pieces of wooden planks. Because crafting would not be in the game until indev
ditto, fighting a creeper
ditto, a creeper
ditto, generic shot