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The goal of Nanaca Crash is simple: launch a young man named Taichi into the air, and send him flying as far as possible. The game begins with the titular Nanaca launching Taichi into the air with her bicycle; click the mouse button to set the launch angle, then release to set the launch power. Once Taichi is flying, the player has access to two types of "Aerial Crash" moves. Red aerial crashes will launch him upward, away from danger, but only three are available per game. Blue crashes, conversely, will launch him back downward toward the ground, and these are unlimited but must be allowed to recharge after use.

Most important are the various characters Taichi flies past. Hitting the different characters will cause various effects, giving him a boost, changing the angle of his flight, or maybe even stopping him dead in his tracks. Depending on the order of the characters in the path, or the order characters are connected with, different effects may happen; for example, run into the black-haired Youko, and she will cancel the effect of the next female character Taichi hits. Some combinations will even yield "Special" attacks, where a super boost or extra effect will be given if the player clicks the button quickly enough. The game ends when Taichi comes to a complete stop, and a record is kept of the player's best score.


Nanaca Crash!! Browser And away he goes!
Nanaca Crash!! Browser Game over. Gee, that doesn't look so bad, now does it?
Nanaca Crash!! Browser That's the target, apparently.
Nanaca Crash!! Browser Using an Aerial Crash to avoid the girl with glasses.

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All of the characters in the game come from an erotic visual novel called Cross Channel.

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