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Oiligarchy Screenshots (Browser)

User Screenshots

Browser version

Title screen
A quick tutorial explains the basic strategies.
Start of the game, exploring the land for oil. Successful operations will change the question marks.
The presidential race beings, your party (red) is still the most popular.
Fuel the race with donations to get the upper hand.
Most of the representatives are on my side.
Once you have an "oiled" president, you get access to the special operations room.
Push for a regime change in Iraq to justify your presence and commence drilling.
The well on the left is able to extract five times as much as the one on the right.
Regardless of the content, how did they manage to pass an act with that name?
Demonstrator prevent the well from functioning.
An overview of recent events
Finally, bombing Iraq has been begun (though 1971 is a bit prematurely), let's seize control of the oil now!
You will need to defend you presence here.
An overview of basic statistics
Next up is the sea, first get the whale out of the way.
I'm hiring some mercenaries to defend my wells and apparentl
That's... inventive.
On today's menu: how to control the natives.
Make friends with the local regime to go on undisturbed.
My popularity is decline and environmentalists are lining up in front of the White House.
The fish have already died.
Build more wells to meet the demand as the oil addiction increases.
The default actions are shown near the top of the screen.
Here's an oil platform next to two large wells.
An unfortunate change of the economic climate
The Taliban (I presume) attack my wells.
Local rebels destroyed one of my wells.
The financial system collapses under my greed.
This is the end.