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Pettington Park Credits (Browser)

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Pettington Park Credits

Pettington Park Credits

Creative DirectorTom A. Hall
Lead DesignerTom A. Hall
Lead ProgrammerJason McIntosh
Lead ArtistPatrick Mathews
Phenomenal ProgrammingDaniel Gutierrez, Chris Doucette, Andrew Kane
Amazing ArtistsHenry Ho, Scotland Barnes
Awesome AnimationJohnny Burgess, Eunjung June Kim
Game DesignerElizabeth Sampat
Game WriterElizabeth Sampat
SoundDren McDonald
MusicDren McDonald
Quality AssuranceLiam Burke, Craig Lewin
Additional ArtRyan Lee, Eric Nava, Elizabeth Kresin, Christine MacTernan
Additional ProgrammingMichael Romero, Tony Barrington, Rex Cartagena, Christopher Burke
Additional DesignJohn Romero, Brenda Romero, Loren Hernandez, Ian Schreiber
Lead Server EngineerHarrison Page
Technical DirectorChristopher Burke
CEOJohn Romero
COOBrenda Romero
Thanks toall of Loot Drop for your help and general awesomeness

For Zynga

ProducerJessica Lewis Lay
Executive ProducerBill Mooney
Quality AssuranceMiguel Gonzalez
In Memory Of Some Great Cats, Dogs, PetsGink, Clarabelle, Nick, Linus, Judy, Rambo, Cornelius, Bronson, Einstein, Cuddle Bug, Chopin, Abbey, Peewee, Roxie, Nika, Bilbo [Special Dispensation], Gerald [Special Dispensation], Babay [Special Dispensation], Bundy Bee, Joe

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (226044)