Piraka Animation 02 Screenshots (Browser)

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Title screen.
Continuing from last time, what Thok discovers is a cave entrance marked "Guardians." He plans to keep it a secret and go in by himself...
...until the other Piraka show up and catch him in the act.
He feigns politeness and acts as if he never meant the others harm. They enter the cave.
The cave is full of traps, which Vezok learns the hard way before Reidak saves him.
A brief shot of Hewkii looking up signals that the Piraka are about to enter his challenge.
Reidak starts climbing the wall, but is hit by a metal ball on a chain.
Instructions for first interactive challenge.
Climb the wall, but avoid the balls and chains.
Now it's Hahli's turn.
Thok comes to a subterranean lake with tiny stepping stones.
Instructions for second interactive challenge.
You have to jump on the rocks that spell out "Hahli" in Matoran letters. But don't stay on one rock too long, or it's over.
They cross the lake and come to a steep cliff and narrow ledge. Tune in next week for the next exciting chapter!