Piraka Animation 04 Screenshots (Browser)

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Title screen.
Avak, Reidak, Vezok, and Zaktan discover treasure.
It's well known, however, that the Piraka can't share.
Reidak grabs the treasure...
...but it's booby trapped!
Reidak, however, is too strong.
They discover a tunnel of ice.
This is Matoro's territory.
Instructions for the first interactive challenge.
Avak snowboards down the tunnel.
Hakann and Thok emerge from their prison.
They eventually catch up with the others.
This is not a happy reunion, however. After a brief fight, the other four continue without them.
They discover a gate...
...which is Nuparu's territory.
Instructions for the second interactive challenge.
Hit the keys a la Dance Dance Revolution to free Vezok from the crushing ceiling.
After this, the four lead Piraka close the gate, leaving the other two behind. Tune in tomorrow! Same Piraka-time, same Piraka-channel!