This is the sixth and final episode in a series of six online animations made to promote the 2006 LEGO BIONICLE products and story. Each episode starts with a skippable text-only introduction giving the background and summarizing previous episodes. While most of the episode plays out like a movie, each has interactive mini-games. The mini-games are skippable.

In this chapter, the Piraka all catch up to each other and prepare to fight. However, the Toa Inika show up and challenge them. The player assumes control of the Toa Inika to defeat the Piraka and obtain three keys to the door. Each character on both sides has an Element that is weak against two other elements and strong against two other elements in terms of both offense and defense. Gameplay is turn-based. The player's side (the Toa Inika) go first, in order of left to right. The computer's side (the Piraka) then go, also in order of left to right. Clicking on a hexagonal space causes the character whose turn it is to walk to that space. If it is a key space, the cursor will change to a key. Clicking while the cursor is a key will make the player pick up the key. Clicking on a space with no key or enemies adjacent to it changes the cursor to a shield icon. Selecting a space adjacent to an enemy, clicking on the enemy's side of the hexagon, changes the cursor to a sword, meaning the player will attack the enemy. How much damage is dealt depends on the character's strengths and weaknesses. Once a Piraka is defeated, they stay defeated, but each Toa Inika has two lives, shown below their starting spaces. The outcome of the battle determines the ending: if the player wins, Matoro proclaims victory over the unconscious Piraka, and Thok starts moving. If the player loses, the victorious Piraka leave the unconscious Toa Inika behind, and Nuparu starts moving.


Piraka Animation 06 Browser Zaktan strikes Matoro. Fortunately, Zaktan's Element (Air) is weak against Matoro's Element (Ice), so not much damage is caused.
Piraka Animation 06 Browser The Piraka have all caught up to each other and prepare to fight.
Piraka Animation 06 Browser Title screen.
Piraka Animation 06 Browser Starting out.

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