Pokémon Battle Chess WEB BW Version is a Pokémon-themed version of the game Battle Chess. As the title suggests, it only features Pokémon from the Unova region. A physical version of the game was released, and this Flash version was released to promote it. The game is similar to the traditional board game chess, but adds a battling theme to it. Instead of jumping over other pieces and taking them out of play, each piece has a number on it, representing both HP and attack power. Who moves first is decided by a rock-paper-scissors match.

Like traditional chess, each piece has an assigned method of movement, restricting where they can go on the board. After a piece is moved, the move must be confirmed by clicking on the moved piece. Before it is confirmed, the player can take it back and move another piece instead. When a piece is right next to another piece, and that other piece in in the way of a space the player's piece can move to, the player may attack that piece. Likewise, the same method of play applies to the computer. If the attacking piece has a greater number than the defending piece, the defending piece is automatically damaged. If the attacking piece has an equal or lesser number, the attacker must first draw a Plus Power Card, which has a random number on it. If the sum of the numbers on the attacking piece and the number on the Plus Power Card is greater than the number on the defending piece, the defending piece is then damaged. If not, the attack has no effect, and the ending piece strikes back. Plus Power Cards also sometimes have ) power, making them useless. When a piece is damaged, it flips over. The number on the other side of the piece is less than the original number, weakening it (except for Emboar and Victini, which get stronger). If it is overpowered again, it is taken out of play. If a piece lands next to an adjacent enemy piece, and the player does not want to attack, they can confirm the move without attacking.

The Pokémon on the board for each team are two Watchog (both 60 power, damaged 50 power), an Emboar (70 power, damaged 100 power), two Zoroark (both 70 power, damaged 50 power), a Serperior (90 power, damaged 60 power), and a Samurott (90 power, damaged 60 power). All these pieces surround an egg, serving as king. The egg cannot be moved in its current state. When the egg is damaged three times, it hatches into Victini (40 power). Unlike its egg, Victini can be moved. When Victini is damaged, instead of decreasing in power, it increases to 80 power. After losing a certain amount of pieces, depending on their power, a player may put one of two oversized pieces onto the board. The first piece available is Zekrom (110 power, damaged 100 power). Losing more pieces, they may then put down Reshiram (120 power, damaged 100 power). Given the power of these pieces, they are very useful. If a Victini is defeated, its owner loses.


Pokémon Battle Chess WEB BW Version Browser My Emboar is overpowered thanks to the enemy Zoroark's Plus Power Card.
Pokémon Battle Chess WEB BW Version Browser Title screen.
Pokémon Battle Chess WEB BW Version Browser Darn.
Pokémon Battle Chess WEB BW Version Browser Rock-paper-scissors decides who starts.

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