Quake: Live Credits (Browser)

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Quake: Live Credits


Aerowalk level design byMindi Burji (Hubster), Mattias Konradsson (Preacher)
Battleforged level design byTom Perryman (Phantazm11)
Blood Run level design bySten Uusvali (ztn)
Deep Inside level design byJ. Scott Drader
Dismemberment level design byMindi Burji (Hubster)
Dreadful Place level design byPawel Chrapka (Shadow)
Focal Point level design bySimon O'Callaghan
Hektik level design byRichard Jacques (Swelt)
Intervention level design byAgust Atlason
Japanese Castles level design byMike Burbidge (Gizmo)
Overkill level design byWiebo de Wit
Phrantic level design byRichard Jacques (Swelt)
Purgatory level design byGary Turner (AKM), Mike Schreiber (Yellack)
Realm of Steel Rats level design byJens Bergensten
Theatre of Pain level design byTill Merker
Industrial Accident level design byJason Gill (Cornelius)
Shining Forces level design byRyan Villegas (Crewmaac)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (209748)