Quake: Live Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Welcome to the training center!
Some challenges before you proceed to the skill testing...
Enter this portal to select Beginner skill... Doesn't this remind you of Quake 1? :)
This is where your skill will be tested.
Prepare to fight!
Gunned her down!
You can even play like this, in your browser!
The match has ended and my skill is set. Now i can play with humans.
Connecting to a CTF server...
First kill of the day, for me.
I made a capture, and my teammate is dancing from happiness.
I got fragged.
The match has ended, and we can see the statistics.
Chasing the enemy flag carrier.
Regeneration, one of the many power-ups you'll find in this game.
Defending our base.
Some tasty Megahealth.
Following our flag carrier.
Rocket jump training.
Strafe jump training.
The UAC sign from Doom makes an appearance.
Another Doom related Easter egg...
Before you connect to a game, you will always have to wait for the advertisement to end, unless you buy a Pro account...
Almost got killed, but he died first.
Be sure not to fall into that fog.
Game settings menu
I fell into the fog...
Two hits, impressive!
The match has ended, we won!
Another Easter egg?
Profile: statistics and recent awards.
Profile: recent matches and competitors.
Statistics page: weapon stats and more information on recent matches.
Awards page.
Choose your character.