SimCity Social Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Loading screen.
A modest start.
Upgrading the scenic pond requires both simoleons and materials.
The game does have some kind of story.
New structures unlocked after increasing my population.
ET linguist? That's a new one.
Might as well buy air.
Visiting Don's city. Check out the Origin factory to the left.
You can visit your friends' cities and make fun of them.
Advisor dean Dean Martin.
Some constructions can be bought only with diamonds.
Can't finish the structure without more energy.
The Man in Black is Wright on Time.
You can interact with the structure in different ways.
Boring people are doing boring things.
I'll have gray hair by then.
Some interesting landmarks outside of the city's borders.
Like in real life, your city is still plagued by crime and the occasional fire.