This is the author's attempt to emulate Texas Instruments' Speak & Spell. Unlike Speak & Spell Online, which was made from memory, this author had a working Speak & Spell so there are more functions.

When you click the 'ON' button, the machine displays 'SPELL A'. 'A' is the easiest list of words. Press or click 'B', 'C' or 'D' for harder lists then click 'GO'. Spell the word then click the 'ENTER' button. If you spell the word correctly, the game tells you this then goes to the next word. If your spelling was wrong, the game asks you to try again. Two incorrect tries and the game tells you the correct spelling then moves to the next word. After ten words, the game shows how many you got correct and how many were wrong. If you want the game to start the list from the beginning, click the 'REPLAY' button. If you want the game to pronounce the word again, click the 'REPEAT' button.

If you click the 'MYSTERY WORD' button, the game will randomly select a word from the 'C' or 'D' list. You must press letters to try to guess the word. After seven incorrect guesses, the game shows you the word and says it won. For a hint, click the 'CLUE' button and the game will give you a letter.

If you type in a word then click the 'SECRET CODE' button, the game will make the word into a code. Basically, it scrambles the letters. Typing in the code then clicking 'SECRET CODE' restores the word.

Each time you click the 'LETTER' button, the game will display a random letter and pronounce it.

If you click the 'SAY IT' button, the game will show a word then pause so the child can say the word. After a short pause, the game will say the word then blank the screen. It will then ask you to spell that word.

If you make a mistake but have not clicked 'ENTER', click the 'ERASE' button to try again. The 'MODULE SELECT' button does nothing.


Speak & Spell Emulator Browser It wants me to say this word.
Speak & Spell Emulator Browser I pressed 'Mystery word'. Now I need to guess the correct letters.
Speak & Spell Emulator Browser I got 9 out of 10 right. One wrong.
Speak & Spell Emulator Browser When you press 'Say it', you see this.

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The author's mother found his old Speak & Spell in her attic in 2006. After, for nostalgia reasons, playing with it, the author went online to see what it's value would be for a twenty-year old working toy. Soon, he was looking for a good emulator. As he couldn't find one that had all the functions, he sat down and wrote one over the 2006 Memorial Day weekend.

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