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The esteemed Mario Bros. laid low by a chronic case of Wii-itis, a new set of run-and-jump platformer heroes are called upon to rescue PETA spokesperson Pamela Anderson (in a smashing Princess Toadstool ensemble) from the sinister clutches of no less than Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders! The player chooses one of these two sisters, baby chickens Nugget or Chick-ette, and heads into action to rescue Pam and save the day.

The gameplay follows SMB's platformer conventions very closely -- boxes shatter when jumped into while large, question-mark boxes yield a healthy block of tofu allowing the chicks to grow larger and gain a second hit, and instead of coins players now collect 100 flying chick-heads in order to gain a 1UP. Through some five levels (outdoors, the Colonel's mansion, slime pits, jungle, and a mechanical abattoir hell) the player guides the chosen chick sister up vines, chains and trampolines, down pipes, and swimming through water and murky gunk, jumping on the backs of robotic spiders wearing Col. Sanders masks (the only regular enemy type), avoiding falling down bottomless pits (and into vats of frying oil) and touching a KFC flag at every level's end, replacing it with a PETA standard -- all within a time limit ticking down from 900.

Some differences include educational conversations the protagonists conduct with bystanders, spelling out appalling conditions of factory-farmed chickens, as well as humourous cut-scenes of Mario's misguided attempts to catch up and save the day and an absence of Super Mario's further power-ups such as the fire flower or invincibility star.

The final stages step up the challenge with dangerous or disorienting environmental hazards including fans to blow jumps off course, crushers to flatten chicks, and conveyor belts to complicate even simple pedestrian locomotion. The game concludes with a Bowserian boss fight, following which Pamela Anderson can be unlocked as a playable bonus character!


Super Chick Sisters Browser In the jungle, the mighty jungle... a chick observes a trampoline-blob.
Super Chick Sisters Browser Maybe this'll make you think twice about animal labour!
Super Chick Sisters Browser Choose your hero.
Super Chick Sisters Browser Who will answer the call?

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The real-life Pamela Anderson, in this game kidnapped by Colonel Sanders, buried the hatchet August 5th, 2008 by endorsing a new KFC veggie alternative, the "Classic Vegetarian Sandwich" at a restaurant in her native Canada, the only country in which it is available. The gesture was in recognition of a pledge by KFC Canada to improve chicken slaughter and treatment conditions.

Any role played by this game in the detente between the parties' longstanding feud went unreported in any major media outlets.

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