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Facebook release: main menu
Facebook release: you can challenge your friends.
Facebook release: every game mode has its own rankings.
Facebook release: options, controls, and the classic game mode explained.
Facebook release: a BlockStar game in progress.
Facebook release: playing a Sprint game.
Facebook release: my opposition for a Sprint SP match. They won't stand a chance.
Facebook release: a Sprint SP match in progress.
Facebook release: victory - and a level-up for me.
Just registered at www.tetrisfriends.com, let's see what awaits.
The game menu
This is my profile and current settings.
Facebook release: a Marathon game in progress.
Facebook release: finally, testing my skills at an Ultra game.
Even a Tetris site offers premium content, I wonder if they'll get rich by this.
There's a lot to do for achievement whores.
Taking the inevitable look at the pros.
Playing a Tetris version that looks just like the famous Gameboy release.
A round of survival, earn as many points as possible in 20 levels.
Another classical-looking variant called N-Blox. Here you can choose the starting level.
The multi-player modes all feature a nice in-game help and...
...let the players choose between different maps.
Battling it out in an eight player battle, this is crazy fun. The first one to reach the bottom is gonna win.
Err, it's me, of course. This win granted me a level-up.
There's special badges for each game, too.
For every game you can view extensive statistics.
Let's try a hand at the six-player combat - smiley map.
Six players throwing completed lines at each other.
A pretty kitten out-scored me this time.
Choosing the map for a two-player battle.
A two-player game in progress.
So much bad luck, or incompetence?