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Character creation: choose from four classes.
Created three characters just for the fun of it.
Look, my three characters are all standing on the starting tile.
Accepting my first quest. Just need to find some messenger dude - but in an unsafe zone, that is.
The first merchant sells more or less crap.
And crap is what I'm wearing either.
First battle with some cattle - rhyme galore. Look at my battle options in the upper left corner.
When you kill the local cattle, some nice meat for dinner is the reward.
Every game should have a "New Champion Check List".
The inevitable look at the die-hards.
Money comes where money is. If you become a premium player, the interest rate doubles at the bank.
Taking a look at the premium options.
The spellbook of a newly created assassin. Not very impressive right now.
Imagine you're standing in the PvP-arena, and nobody shows up.
A legion homepage can be customized a bit.
This travel master can beam me to new areas, but he will refuse sending me to suicide.
Meeting one of the game's creators.
My profile will see better days, I promise.
These are some of the achievements that can be scored.
I am now a professional herbalist that can collect all the kraut standing around.
Completing a quest gives usually a nice reward.
The talents tree you won't see too often, only one talent point for every ten levels gained.
Tomb Raiding !
The training interface - a very important part of the character development.
Boosting my battle arsenal.
I'll have to steal some goods from this heavy-guarded ship.
This is one of the instanced dungeons - a temple.
A crowded area with a dungeon entrance.
This is the dungeon boss - an easy one. All the monsters are constantly respawning.
Fishing for compl... err... fish.
The world map of the first area.
Ah, this merchant has some good-looking and powerful gear for sale today. And guess what? I can even afford it.
The second area is called "Blood Sand" - and looks like it.
Nearly everything in this zone can be killed - so let's go.
Fighting another boss - this one is much stronger than the first.
The empire building feature of this game.
Build up your city and economy so you can...
...attack the others.
Throwing the gauntlet in the arena. Two wolves I can bear...
...two tigers is too much.