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Today I Die Browser Title and loading screen



Today I Die Credits

27 people (25 developers, 2 thanks)


Game byDaniel Benmergui
Music byHernán Rozenwasser
Initial idea of playing with poem wordsAgustín Pérez Fernández
Initial feedback fromAgustín Pérez Fernández, Egar Almeida, Patrick Dugan
Thanks for his obsession with helping me outEdmund McMillen
Critical feedback fromJason Rohrer, Terry Cavanagh, Ian Bogost, John Sharp, Martín Sebastián Wain, Heather Kelley, Darius Kazemi, Anthony Burch, Juan Becerril, Jonathan Blow, Nick Montfort, Gregory Weir, Chris Hecker, Stephen Lavelle, Mike Treanor, PixelJam, Marco Mustapic, Rod Humble, Anna Anthropy
Handwriting byGuadalupe
Very special thanks tothe sponsor of this game who went out of his way to make it possible for me release the game in a quiet ad-free website

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Credits for this game were contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (63606)