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The main menu often advertizes new games or special offerings.
Choose one of three kiddie accounts to play.
Adjusting the settings of a kiddie account.
All games are grouped by genre, parents can take a look what genre their kiddies like best.
The parental statistics break down to the individual game.
Okay, let's take a closer look at the games, starting with Bob the Builder's main menu.
Bob the Builder: completing pipelines.
Bob the Builder: help Bob build this wooden floor.
Bob the Builder: counting and assigning the right number.
Bob the Builder: some first mathematics.
Bob the Builder: Bob is growing plants and needs our help.
Bob the Builder: Spud is harvesting apples in the wrong way.
Bob the Builder: hit the Spud.
Bob the Builder: loading a drawbar trailer, calculating in the process.
Bob the Builder: road safety education with Bob and Spud.
Bob the Builder: catch the yellow-marked house in the street.
Bob the Builder: another loading and calculating game.
Bob the Builder: build your own house from different parts.
Bob the Builder: Find the missing letter in Scruffty's German name.
Bob the Builder: Bob is playing Memory with us.
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: the main menu.
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: does anyone here know what a paper doll is?
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: guide Wubbzy safely through this obstacle course.
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: one of Widget's robots is on a rescue mission and needs to transform the right way to solve it.
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: one of the harder concentration games.
Rupert Bear: the main menu
Rupert Bear: driving a scooter through an obstacle course.
Rupert Bear: color guessing game, what's red in this picture?
Rupert Bear: letter learning with Rupert, what toy starts with an L?
Rupert Bear: what animal is hiding behind that bush?
Rupert Bear: searching star shapes on the night sky.
Rupert Bear: catching all the letters of the word above which is German for dragon.
Rupert Bear: catching colored pearls to complete the chain in the right pattern.
Chuggington: the main menu
Chuggington: this game is easier for kids than for parents, remembering a pattern of signs and sounds to get the right melody.
Chuggington: helping out in the loco repair shop.
Handy Manny: the main menu
Handy Manny: help the tools jump over the huge gap.
Handy Manny: this pipeline game is a little more complicated.
Handy Manny: take care for this guy by using the tools below.
Thomas and Friends: the main menu
Thomas and Friends: huh, a pipeline game without pipelines?
Thomas and Friends: doing a jigsaw puzzle.
Thomas and Friends: clock learning game.
Thomas and Friends: operating the switches so that Thomas can reach his target.
Thomas and Friends: yeah, loco racing.
Thomas and Friends: in this game the kiddies have to memorize several locations that Thomas must pass to reach his destination.
Thomas and Friends: Cranky the crane needs to store the same weight in both containers.
Thomas and Friends: Helping Harold the helicopter to catch crates.
Thomas and Friends: a sociology game - how does Thomas feel in the given situation?
Thomas and Friends: another sociology game - what shall Mavis do in the given situation?
Thomas and Friends: a different kind of memory game that involves matching pictures and sounds.
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs: the main menu
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs: another jigsaw puzzle.
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs: recognizing silhouettes with Harry himself.
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs: which of these starts with an "I"? It's the hedgehog (in German, of course).
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs: looking for the saur fitting the missing shape.
Toggolino: the main menu
Toggolino: letters hiding in this picture, can you spot them?
Toggolino: even for non-German grown-ups it's easy figuring out what word rhymes on "Tisch". For pre-readers it's not.
Toggolino: another silhouette guessing game, this time with cloud silhouettes.
Toggolino: catch the pictures starting with a "K", in this example you'll have to look up the German word for the little chicken.
Toggolino: vegetable pattern completing.
Toggolino: MobyGames doesn't record sound samples, yet, so I don't know the right picture any more.
Toggolino: collect apples in this side-scroller.
Toggolino: which one is lighter?
Toggolino: this game is a little harder, the kids must move apples to build the exact same shape on every blanket.
Toggolino: doing cookie puzzles to build the German word for hedgehog.
Postman Pat: the main menu
Postman Pat: guiding the bus to every needed stop for catching the above kiddies.
Postman Pat: a little harder shape-fitting puzzle here, the food must even be turned to fit right in the case.
Postman Pat: catching letters blown away by the wind.
Postman Pat: re-building locomotives with increasing piece count.
Caillou: the main menu
Caillou: for a tasty pizza the ingredients must be applied in the right order.
Caillou: do you know the pain of cooking in a foreign kitchen? Always looking for everything.
Caillou: Caillou himself is teaching English animal names.
Caillou: simple color matching game.
Caillou: the kiddies shall click the cubes in the right order.
Caillou: in this side-scrolling game, Caillou cleans the river of all the crap people throw in.
Clever Island: the main menu
Clever Island: spot the item starting with a "B".
Clever Island: re-drawing constellations.
Clever Island: huh, two-player cooperative Breakout is boring? Blasphemic kids !!
Clever Island: another letter-matching game, this time the kids help Alfy dress himself.
Clever Island: counting ants while learning the numbers.
Clever Island: the kids are rescuing animals in this vertical scroller.
Clever Island: in this game you must hit the sweet spot to build a bridge - not easy.
Timmy Time: the main menu
Timmy Time: the Timmy games are really for the youngest of users. here they must help the duck find the right spot to hang his rucksack.
This is called the playroom where the kids and parents will find everything needed for offline playing.
The Koala Brothers: the main menu
The Koala Brothers: Outback bowling.
The Koala Brothers: ah, a tennis game, finally.
The Koala Brothers: the brothers are helping out the postman.
Barney & Friends: the main menu
Barney & Friends: botching a garden hose.
Barney & Friends: this game teaches the kids what's good to eat and what not.
Barney & Friends: click something that's of brown color.
Barney & Friends: there's no too early introduction to waste separation.