Tri-achnid is a physics based platform game where the player controls an arachnid type creature on the verge of extinction. Its parents have been killed and it is up to the player to save the many siblings that are tucked away in cocoons. The player must traverse different levels to collect the cocoons in an egg sack.

The creature has three legs and it is moved around by picking up the feet and dragging them to another location. This leads to complete freedom of movement as physics are calculated based on different parameters such as speed, surface, balance and more. The feet stick to almost any surface and additionally the balance can be adjusted with keys on the keyboard. Objects are picked up by moving a foot over them and pressing the space bar. By moving them under the jaws, it is locked and can be carried along. Additionally the control key can be used to attach a web against surfaces. Items or enemies that come in contact will stick to it and it can also be used to repel from heights.

Most levels require Tri-achnid to examine the environment, locate the egg sack and save as many fellow creatures as possible. Health can be restored by eating creatures and danger comes from falling rocks, falling damage, poisonous water, surfaces with spikes and enemies.

The game also includes a mini-game where the player must collect and put food in the correct digestive tubes to keep a host happy. If it takes to longer, the levels of poisonous fluid rise and eventually drown Tri-achnid. There is also a bestiary where all the encountered creatures are gradually shown.


Tri-achnid: Episode 1 Browser Start of the game inside a cave
Tri-achnid: Episode 1 Browser The mini-game
Tri-achnid: Episode 1 Browser Instructions
Tri-achnid: Episode 1 Browser Find a way not to get hurt here.

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The Binding of Isaac boss

The main character: Tri-achnid, appears as one of the numerous bosses in The Binding of Isaac expansion DLC: Wrath of The Lamb. Tri-achnid also appears as a boss in the remake: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Both of these titles were also created by Edmund McMillen.

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