You wake up with a headache. You can't remember what happened. An old newspaper reports of an unknown virus terrorizing the city. An article states that hospitals are overflowing with infected. Another that stores are closing as violence is tearing the city apart. And that officials have started a citywide quarantine. You however don't remember anything at all. Looking through your pockets you find a wallet containing an address. Could it be your apartment?

Zombie Pandemic is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game originally dedicated as a Facebook application. The player starts in a devastated town, finding clues starting from a wallet and continues the survival story from there. In order to survive, the player must scavenge various locations for useful items and equipment, accept quests from survivors, and of course, fight zombies. Crafting is a feature, enabling the player to create various items by using materials found through scavenging.

A skull symbol is displayed on the arrow before entering a new area, indicating that there are hostiles in the vicinity. When entering this new area, there is a chance that the enemy may spot the player and commence a surprise attack. If not, the player may opt to leave the area or engage the enemy, visible on the map as red humanoid symbols. All hostiles must be first eliminated in the area before it can be scavenged for items. Other instances include entering a building where a minor boss(es) may reside there.

If a hostile encounter does occur, the player enters a first person turned-based combat screen, where most actions costs one round. The number of hostiles are viewable here as well as their distance with the player. Melee combat can only be engaged at 10 feet. Ranged weapons depend on the weapon. The first ranged weapon the player receives for example, the .22 Junior Rifle, may target hostiles up to 70 feet away. Depending on the hostile animal, human, or zombie, some may be faster or slower than others in approaching the player. The player may equip one ranged weapon and one melee weapon, as well as quick slot items such as bandages or Molotov cocktails.

Targeting the enemy consists of three different attack types: a head attack, which deals the most damage with lower accuracy; a regular attack, and a crippling attack which decreases the attack and movement abilities of the enemy. The player also has access to special abilities called focus points, where the player may spend on focus defence, which allows a 25% dodge increase for three rounds or safe shot which costs one focus point per attack with a 100% accuracy rate. One focus point is replenished per two turns. After the battle, experience points and sometimes items and/or dollars are awarded to the player.


Zombie Pandemic Browser Character select - A player may have up to four characters per account, though the other are premium reserved. Fortunately, the player can delete a character and start a new game any time.
Zombie Pandemic Browser Inventory screen - Two weapon slots and a whole lot of junk. Weight is an issue, which makes hoarding difficult. Exceeding carry capacity will result increased stamina loss.
Zombie Pandemic Browser Crafting - Combining item(s) to create a new item. More advanced items require a minimum tech stat before they can be created.
Zombie Pandemic Browser Character creation - Characters may be deleted later to start a new game.

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