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Bruce Lee Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Credits screen
Options screen
Collect all yellow lanterns
Beat this guy with some kung-fu moves
If you lay down on the floor enemies won't see you
What is this?

Apple II version

The Title Screen
Jump from the Black Ninja!

Atari 8-bit version

Title Screen
First Stage
Third Room of the First Floor, note the statue it just might come alive
Deep in the blue dungeon
The red dungeon
Main menu
Second room on the first floor
Live lost
Underground passage
Underground first chamber
Timing trial
Blowing traps
Accurate jump attempt
Jumping over the beam
Reverse beam
Ninja surprise
New way opened
Disappearing footbridges
Lower level
2 chambers entrance
Unexpected welcome
Profiled stairs
3 candle chamber
Enemy behind the back
Jumping trials
Game over
Opponent mode

BBC Micro version

Loading screen
Start of game
Sumo fighter is in pursuit
White fire

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Main menu
A nice temple, isn't it?
One on Two
Level 2
Underground passage closed
Waiting for enemies
Underground passage opened
Falling down
Blowing spikes
Long jump fall
Timing trial
Surprise welcome
Climbing up
New passage
Disappearing bridges
Safe level
3 ways chamber
Profiled stairs
Waiting for enemy
Surprise welcome
Blowing spikes
Jumping trial
High temple
Flying obstacles
Roof walking
Final enemy
Life lost
Sorcerer killed
Duel fight
Game over

DOS version

Display selection
Copyright screen
Title screen
Fighting a green guy (CGA composite mode).
Gameplay (CGA mode)
Menu screen

MSX version

Fight your enemies
Title screen
Player Selection Screen

PC-88 version

Title Screen

PC Booter version

Title screen (CGA with composite monitor)
The main menu (CGA with composite monitor)
Bruce Lee attacking a ninja... (CGA with composite monitor)
The bad guys waiting for me on the ground (CGA with composite monitor)
In the underground caves (CGA with composite monitor)
Ahh! running from the black ninja... (CGA with composite monitor)
Hmm, looks like I reached a dead end (CGA with composite monitor)
Credits (PCjr)
Title screen (PCjr)
Your pesky pursuers make their appearance as soon as you start (PCjr)
Lie flat on the ground to confuse the enemy (PCjr)
Let the traps take care of the bad guys (PCjr)
Navigate by climbing... moving rugs? (PCjr)
Bruce Lee somersaults across perilous bridges (PCjr)
In the bowels of the temple (PCjr)
Title screen (CGA with RGB monitor)
Bruce Lee in action (CGA with RGB monitor)
Defeating the Black Ninja (CGA with RGB monitor)
In the underground caverns (CGA with RGB monitor)

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Options screen
Ready for action in the second chamber
You have to collect these yellow lanterns
Hit the ground so enemies won't see you
Climbing is frequent movement in this game
Sometimes running is better than fighting
A little warm-up by the falling bridge
Yamo and Ninja are here to stop you
Jumping is the key to complete this chamber
Bad guy receiving your anger
Evil Wizard with deadly fire from his eyes
Introduction screen
Start up location
On the floor
Passage opened
Moving walkway
Jumping trial
Game over
Spikes on the top
New passage
3 ways chamber
Eternity chamber
Save chamber level
Dead end
Rope climbing park
The End? Not quite.