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Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Bubble Bobble: Title screen.
Bubble Bobble: The adventure begins...
Bubble Bobble: Easy going in the first few levels.
Bubble Bobble: Catching baddies in teamwork.
Bubble Bobble: Activate water bobbles to flush monsters away.
Bubble Bobble: Whoa! Floaters on the chase!
Bubble Bobble: Monsters turn red and speed up if you take too long.
Bubble Bobble: Activate lightning bubbles to shoot hard-to-reach foes.
Bubble Bobble: Cool item summons a big lightning bolt.
Bubble Bobble: Flower power! Collect all blossoms to earn major bonus.
Bubble Bubble: Bonus! Its raining gems...
Bubble Bobble: This is arguably the hardest level in the game. Did anyone say Space Invaders?
Bubble Bobble: If you collect all six letter bubbles, you've earned yourself one extra life.
Bubble Bobble: The first one of the secret treasure rooms.
Bubble Bobble: Mission debriefing. Must have been a bad day.
Title screen [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Configuration Menu [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Map of Insect Island [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
I'm in heaven [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Don't get caught in the flood, Bubby [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Finally collected all seven diamonds, and earned an extra life in the process [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Say "hello" to Spidey [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Map of Combat Island [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Round 6 [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Say "hello" to Choppy [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Map of Monster World [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Hey, those guys look almost like me [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Bubby says: "I hate vampires" [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]
Say "hello" to the vampire lord, whatever his name is [Rainbow Islands Enhanced]

Windows version

The install process loads both games at the same time. Once loaded they are run separately from the Windows START menu or their desktop icons
UK Xplosiv release
Immediately after the installation finishes it exits to this window. This is the same window that appears when the CD autoloads
UK Xplosiv release
The Bubble Bobble title screen
UK Xplosiv release
The start of a two player game of Bubble Bobble
UK Xplosiv release
Bubble Bobble has an in-game help option accessed via the menu bar, it opens in a new window
UK Xplosiv release
The title screen for Rainbow Islands. This opens in a resizable window
UK Xplosiv release
Rainbow islands has an in-game help option accessed via the menu bar, it opens in a new window
UK Xplosiv release
The start of a game of Rainbow Islands. The Black shape at Island 1 is because that is where the game starts and it flashes on/off
UK Xplosiv release