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N-Zone (Jan 06, 2006)
Bubble Bobble hat mich schon als kleines Kind fasziniert. Auch die Neuauflage des Klassikers begeistert. Atari hat das Spielprinzip konsequent ausgebaut und es mit speziellen Features wie der Mikrofon-Unterstützung und neuen Angriffsblasen versehen. Auch die neue Optik und der scrollende Bildschirm sind gelungene Errungenschaften der Frischzellenkur. Schnell stellt sich der Suchteffekt ein, der schon das Original zum Klassiker machte. Noch einen Level, noch einen Obermotz, aber dann ist wirklich Schluss und schnell sind weitere zwei Stunden vergangen. Da Atari dann noch die komplette Originalversion integriert, steht dem ungetrübten Retro-Spaß nichts im Weg. Schade nur, dass man für den Mehrspieler-Modus insgesamt vier Module besitzen muss.
65 (Dec 25, 2005)
Leute, was ist nur mit euren Cover-Designern los? Nach dem Zombie-Tony in American Sk8land grinsen mir von der BBR-Schachtel zwei drachenförmige Haufen entgegen, die jedes Vorschulkind besser hinbekommen hätte. Naja, egal – immerhin ist das Spiel kein Totalreinfall wie die Atari Retro Classics oder Space Invaders Revolution, auch wenn uns die Designer dieses Mal erneut die versprochene Revolution vorenthalten. Bubble Bobble bietet auch noch nach 18 Jahren ein intelligentes Spielprinzip, das man gerne immer wieder mal rauskramt. Der New Age-Modus ist nicht weltbewegend, aber nett gemacht, die Multiplayervarianten dankbarerweise auch mit nur einem Modul spielbar. Etwas enttäuscht bin ich, dass nicht gleich der Nachfolger Rainbow Islands draufgepackt wurde – aber der wird ja in Kürze selbst rundrevolutioniert. Ein nettes Game für Gelegenheitsspieler und Vergangenheitsfreunde.
60 (Mar 06, 2006)
Faisant suite à l'un des titres majeurs de l'ère 8 bits, Bubble Bobble Revolution en reprend les fondements tout en injectant ses propres envies sans vraiment de conviction. Amenant un certain déséquilibre malgré quelques bonnes idées, ce titre peine à totalement convaincre. Pour autant n'y voyez pas un mauvais jeu, loin de là. Ce dernier parvient à se démarquer grâce à son ambiance, le fond de son gameplay indémodable et surtout sa simplicité d'appréhension. Ce n'est pas aujourd'hui que les versions New Age des dinosaures à bulles resteront dans l'histoire, mais elles y travaillent.
GameZone (Oct 09, 2006)
Bubble Bobble Revolution is a fun game that’s worth buying just for a handheld version of the original. However, if you still have it for the NES, you might want to try before buying. The new game is frustrating, repetitive, and not as memorable as the first. It’s a step forward – a direct rehash of the original would not have been cool. But some series take time to evolve. For now, the original Bubble Bobble is still the best.
PGNx Media (Oct 23, 2006)
Bubble Bobble Revolution is only recommended for those looking to play the original game. Although at $30, there are better games available on the DS.
Power Unlimited (Feb, 2006)
Voor mij is hiermee de aantrekkelijkheid van de Bubble Bobble als een luchtbel doorgeprikt, en voor die belachelijke New Age-versie en het wanstaltige artwork hoef je de game ook niet te halen.
I think the last issue discussed above sums up Bubble Bobble Revolution pretty well. You can't even finish the New Age Bubble Bobble, though there's no reason why I'd suspect anyone would want to. The gameplay is awful. The classic style of Classic Bubble Bobble is much better, but the $30 price point for this game is unjustified, even by that. I'm absolutely clueless and wondering why Rising Star Games didn't just revise Classic Bubble Bobble with new visuals and improved sound quality. That would have been a much better decision. Passing up any of the plentiful quality DS titles for Bubble Bobble Revolution would be a sin, so move along.
Press Start Online (Feb 22, 2006)
On its own, Revolution isn't that bad a game. Newcomers to the Bubble Bobble world would do worse than to pick it up, but the main disappointment is how inferior it is to previous versions. Those who do remember the 1987 original will only be disenchanted with this effort.
40 (Aug 15, 2006)
Anyone hoping that this game delivers on its promised revolution will certainly have his or her bubble burst.
Cubed3 (Mar 20, 2006)
It could’ve been really excellent and some of us were quite excited about it (alright, I was quite excited, everybody else wisely regarded it warily), but it’s just not. It’s sad to see a game which clearly has effort put into it, with imaginative uses of the DS and attempts at re-capturing the joys of the Taito original, fall so flat on its face. Bad implementation lets this down, so it’s another disappointment added to the list of ‘re-makes of Taito games by Rising Star Games’.
Armchair Empire, The (Oct 24, 2006)
Having fond memories of the NES version of Bubble Bobble didn't help my enjoyment of Bubble Bobble Revolution. While the game is captured to near perfection a fatal flaw is present in Bubble Bobble Revolution that drains away at least 50% of the fun: no cart-less two-player support. Is the game really so complicated that it couldn't be handled as a wifi download? Apparently so, because if you want to enjoy the multiplayer each friend will need a copy of Bubble Bobble Revolution.
GameSpot (Oct 11, 2006)
Because the remake is so buggy that it can't even be finished, it's impossible to recommend Bubble Bobble Revolution to anyone other than diehard Bubble Bobble fans who want to play the original classic version on their Nintendo DS systems. But even that is a stretch, seeing as how there are numerous cheaper alternatives available to anyone seeking a Bubble Bobble fix.
IGN (Oct 06, 2006)
Bubble Bobble Revolution is a very poor remake of a classic arcade game. The Level 30 bug definitely hurts the product, but in all honestly it just makes a bad game worse. The classic Bubble Bobble is certainly intact in the Nintendo DS game, but it's definitely not worth the price of the 30 dollar admission for Bubble Bobble Revolution.
Worth Playing (Oct 29, 2006)
Normally, a title like this would garner a much higher score; due to the inherent bugs, however, it feels like the game is half-finished. Since it seems only halfway complete, the score will also be roughly half of what it would be in normal circumstances.
Diehard GameFan (Sep 27, 2006)
A bad Bubble Bobble game is like waking up with the hot chick you banged the night before in and seeing her in the morning realizing she wasn’t that hot. And that she wasn’t even a chick. And that one of her limbs is prosthetic. It’s that bad. BBR ties with Crime Stories as the worst game I have played all year. The only redeemable quality is the original game is here in a bastardized form, and the music is top notch. Without the music, you’d be looking at possibly the lowest score I have ever given a game. DO NOT BUY THIS. Say that to yourself repeatedly until it sinks in.
20 (UK) (Jan 12, 2006)
So, I'm not going to award any marks for the inclusion of the thirteenth incarnation of Bubble Bobble. The DS's wireless abilities means that it's able to offer two-player mode on a handheld, which would be tremendous, if it didn't require two copies of the game to play. A ridiculous rip-off for a game nearly two decades old. The 'New Age' mode also has two-player, and a boring VS mode, but you'd no more want to play two-player poison-swallowing than you would want to on your own. There's no fun to be gained, and no point in purchasing.
Daily Game (Nov 04, 2006)
The only saving grace of Bubble Bobble Revolution is the inclusion of the original Bubble Bobble arcade title, which is how this game earns any review points. While cool and fun, even that's simply not enough to justify the full price of this game. As a whole, Bubble Bobble Revolution is a busted piece of silicon that should not garner even a dollar of your hard-earned money. Avoid this.
GamingExcellence (Feb 26, 2007)
I can’t recommend this title to anyone. There’s the broken remake of the title, in which you can’t even finish. There’s the classic which, while fun, doesn’t nearly justify the price tag, especially without download play. If you’re really looking to satisfy a Bubble Bobble craving, there are much better ways to do it.