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atari breakout

Bureau 13 Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Developer's logo
Title Screen
Choose your Heroes
Mission Briefing
Start off...
The quest goes on.
The menu interface and inventory
The Bureau-issued RV and it's features
This guy is trouble, better have something ready for him
A little plug...
You can have a vampire in your party! His special ability is to change into a mist form...
...which is an useful way to infiltrate locked areas.
The Mech takes a different approach to problem solving tough...
...and the thief has his own way of getting into locked places
Male characters will have a tough time trying to get into the female locker room...
And even if they can sneak...
A hostile multinational corporation? Surely they have nothing to do with the problems at hand...
Using her divination spells the witch can fetch information that would be otherwise unreachable
..as well as providing hints and tips
The thief can sneak past some characters...
A dark room... no problem when you have magic on your side!
The wounded sheriff in the hospital surely has some clues for us.
Conversing with an npc.
Keys picked up
Entering level 6
In the kitchen
Searching inside ledger
Cash box full of money
Cellar full of green bins
Accessing computer data in the library
Secretary office
Disarming the bomb
Getting crucifix
Printed bars of lead (Herbalist)
In front of library
RV lot
Safe behind the painting