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Nintendo DS version

Title screen with main menu.

Windows version

Main menu
The story, so far... Patty crashes into an island and looks for a new start, working at Burger Beach.
This place is now yours, time to work and make it better.
This is Pierre, who will help you to learn how to work here.
OK, here we go. Starting my first real hamburger.
This one is done, time to place it on the bread.
Today's goal was reached.
Today's score.
The map shows your progress. The different icons mark the different kinds of levels.
Now to french fries. You have to wait them fry and spice them.
A milk shake level. Shakes are different, you have to wait for the blender to do its job, and unlike burgers and fries, it takes place when you're in the middle of the recipe, not the start.
Oops, I failed.
One day Patty climbs the mount Tikikola and discovers a tribe of natives cooking bad burgers. She is defied by their leader in making a better burger. As she succeeds, he reveals their old recipes.
Now Patty can buy new recipes with her hard earned money. New recipes become available as she gets better in business.
Making our new special, a cheeseburger!
Sometimes the table can get really crowded. Too many different orders can make you confused.
Making a strawberry shake.
As you get new recipes, the table gets crowded by ingredients. Those Veggie Burgers are a pain to prepare!
Wow, you've got a new store!
Now you have two of five restaurants in the island.

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  • Burger Island Screenshot
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