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Atari Asteroids

BushBuck Charms, Viking Ships & Dodo Eggs Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen
Choose a level to play at.
Choose a location on the map that is closest to the city.
My mission orders.
In Africa.
List of keys. Interesting that this game has a "boss key".
Map legend.
Flying to Ghana.
Welcome to Ghana.
The computer player found a clue.
List of items and clues found - zero so far!
In Liberia.

DOS version

Title screen.
The global map: Travel around the world in search for country-specific cultural items!
Here’s your initial agenda: Where are these five items?
Okay, let’s go explore the world! You travel from city to city by airplane.
On arrival, you will get a concise description of each city. Read them well to be able to identify cities based on the clues you get later.
Occasionally, you will find clues like this one, hinting to the location of an item. It’s always linked to a specific country and city. Where could this one be?
You can find up to five clues for each item. That should help you pinpoint the target city!
But there’re obstacles. Your opponents for one: You can play alone, but it’s a lot more fun against either a human or the computer AI. Both will try to find the items before you do.
Careful: If you fly into storms, you may be forced to turn back, and items on board may be damaged (decreasing their worth, you will be awarded less points).
Okay, let’s go through an example. The item list shows that we’re looking for roller blades, and a hint points us to Venice Beach. Aha!
We’re off to the States. How about LA?
Arrived. Here’s what the game has to say about the City of Angels.
Let’s have a look – yeah, there it is! Well, the game is a little behind times.
To get the points, we have to return the item to our starting town. Here we go!
The game ends when either 15 items have been found or both players run out of plane tickets. Final results!
Title screen (EGA)
Start game (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Start game (CGA)
Title screen (Hercules)
Start game (Hercules)
The EGA title screen of the original 1990 US edition
The EGA title screen of the 1991 US re-edition