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Bust-A-Move Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Taito logo
Bub's brother Bob
Title screen
Setup screen
Password screen
Round 1
Round 1 clear
Round 2
Round 4
Round 6
Round 7
Suddenly, a waterfall
Hitting a sensitive spot causes a lot of bubbles to fall
Round 10 clear
Round 12
Round 14, and you must hurry up and shoot!
Oh no!
Oh no!
The results scroll by
Setting up a VS game
Bub vs. Bubble Buster
VS game in progress
Let's challenge a record instead
Challenge game in progress
Options screen

SNES version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Clear all the bubbles to pass the level.
One of the power-ups not found in the arcade game.
The lightning bolt will clear everything in its path.
Clear the stage quickly for a huge bonus.
The fire power-up is quite handy.
Vs. Mode
Split screen action against the computer or a friend.
Challenge Record Mode.
Game Over!
Title screen (European version).
Title screen (Japanese version).
Before demonstration mode, you'll receive some basic instructions about how to play.
Starting the first round.
Round 7
Balls can fly?
First level in forest begins!

Windows version

Let the game begin!..
Counting time
Now it's harder...

WonderSwan version

Wow, nice shot!
Main menu
Get ready!
Title screen