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Bygg båtar med Mulle Meck Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Launcher menu - all screens are 256 colors at 640x480 pixels, filled out with black borders for larger resolutions. The question mark activates the built-in help.
Game loading screen - sometimes these smaller screens are used, usually for scene transitions.
Player name entry, prompted by Mulle. There are no subtitles in this game, only voice acting.
Title screen
Intro video - flashbacks from the previous game, Mulle & Buffa are building cars from scrap.
Title screen (Finnish version)
Intro continues with Mulle trying to build a raft to cross the sea.
...but the sea is too rough, Mulle and Buffa gets a bath.
When at first you don't succeed, try & try again.
Eventually they arrive at a dockyard, owned by one of Mulle's friends.She is soon leaving for a long sea voyage, and leaves the dockyard in Mulle's care.
Soon Mulle has found some drawings for a few smaller boats, and has assembled a wooden rowing boat from available parts.
The drawings show the basic types of different draught, with selectable rudders and a comment from Mulle on suitable uses for each boat type.
The toolbox appears in the lower right in most screens, and when selected opens a selection of scrapping your boat, looking at diplomas, finishing the game, or looking in a smaller storage box.
Launching the hull from the slipway.
Now the boat is moored at the dock, initially empty.This one I have equipped with oars.The camera on the wall and the photo album is for saving/loading.
Saving a boat in the album, one tab is used for each boat.Here is also the file export function.
A lot of parts to use on boats are lying on the storage floor.There is a maximum space available, so you need to sort them into the shelves to fit more as they are delivered.
Neatly sorted parts on the shelves. They can be covering each other, after putting them on the shelf, so some manual work is required to find all.
Lets take a trip in out boat!
We don't see our heroes, only a general view of the boat type outside the dock, but this is the main top-down traveling view.Under the compass rose is a larger map.
Where to go - we initially have only a part of a map, but it will get more complete as the game progresses. The red spots are points of interest, and some areas are marked with red boundaries.
For the first trip in a new boat, a short handling instruction is shown; slightly more interesting with the sailing boats than the rowing boat.
I'm visiting the priest, he radioed for help.I hope he's not crossed like his island.Notice the fish gets eaten during the trip.
Anchors away!
Ah, a fetch quest - he has mislaid his Bible somewhere, and if I see it, to please bring it to him. Sure can do.
It is a bit slow to row around, but coming home there was a delivery of parts to sort out, including an outboard engine.
Visiting the baker with another delivery, got me a map piece as a reward.
Running out of fuel requires towing home, if no oars or sails are available.
This is Sam Scribbler, a writer needing help locating an old diary or logbook.
Sam is in his cabin, expanding on his work, and telling a story of an old diver who lived somewhere upriver.
Some new drawings has arrived from the shipyard owner.Medium sized boats this time, otherwise similar to the smaller ones.
A gardener needing transports of fresh water to her plantation on another island. I have neither the means to carry water, nor the map showing the island, so this mission will have to wait.
I found the Bible for the priest, so he can hold his Sunday sermon, but I'm sure he'll lose it somewhere again soon. No matter, I get boat parts for the delivery.
Now I have added a sail to my boat, and get a lesson in sailing.Controls are shown for pulling in/letting out the sail depending on wind direction vs boat heading.
A fetch quest, someones swimming aid has been lost & now found by the shore.
This is the 'Surströmming' factory, a very smelly fish dish for those unused to it. Note the clothesline clip on the nose of the salesman.He needs a load of cans shipped to another island.
This is the recipient of the 'surströmming', a dour person but still he grudgingly allows Mulle to refuel both the boat and himself.
'Surströmming' on toast - an acquired taste - Mulle is ecstatic.
Lets build a larger boat; I got some more drawings now.
What? Only one point in the 'Funny boat' competition?I was having fun anyway.
After finding and delivering the divers notebook to Sam Scribbler, he discovered another map piece in it, which I received. Probably a treasure island somewhere here.
Going for a large sailing boat for this trip, I probably will run out of gas otherwise. With my luck it will be dead calm all the way, so I'll have to row.
Hitting the bottom too often or turning over in high winds, gives this result. But you always get rescued with the wreck fully repaired.