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User Reviews

There are no reviews for the Commodore 64 release of this game. You can use the links below to write your own review or read reviews for the other platforms of this game.

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.1
Overall User Score (15 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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Contemporary Ranger operations in a semiarcade mode. Yet it is fun and it works. Challenging to both adults and children; recommended for a diversion from the more serious simulations. It remains on the author's hard drive.
Airborne Ranger could benefit from some more missions. While 12 is a fair number, they can be completed in a short time. However, you will want to replay them in order to move up the ranks. With creative missions, well-designed controls, and interesting game play Airborne Ranger is a highly enjoyable game.
The Video Game Critic (Oct 28, 2011)
Airborne Ranger allows each of us to bring out our inner Rambo from the safety of our easy chair (while warming our feet on the Commodore power brick). Best described as a "thinking man's Commando", you control the actions of a soldier working his way up a map. You take out enemies (or avoid them) until you complete your mission and meet the Osprey helicopter at a predetermined pickup point. There are 12 missions to embark on, and you can select either a practice or veteran Ranger.
Airborne Ranger has similarities to the coin-op Commando in its graphics and playability. The good use of colour, effective sound, neatly defined and nicely animated sprites provide a highly realistic atmosphere. The gameplay may seem repetitive from time to time, but the variety of tasks to be performed and tactics to use give the game considerable depth. You may find the missions are not too difficult to complete, but the game itself is playable, a challenge, and has a lot more scope than your average shoot- 'em-up.
Ranger boasts some crisp and colourful graphics, the gameplay is tough to get to grips with but does become easier with practice. The ability to save positions and character qualities means you can volunteer to fight a campaign and hope to get your character promoted to Colonel. You'll find yourself in some pretty tight spots which require a quick trigger finger, while at other times you'll need to think on your feet and work out your plans very precisely.
Zur Ausführung des Spieles kann man sagen, daß es rundherum gelungen ist. Besonders die Grafik ist gut, da manchmal plastische Effekte auftreten. Der Sound begleitet die Handlung auf einfache, aber realistische Weise. Die Spielmotivation ist besonders hoch, bedingt durch die Anzahl der Missionen, die man in ihrem Schwierigkeitsgrad verändern kann. Bleibt noch zu sagen: Wer diesen Spielinhalt mit seinem Gewissen vereinbaren kann, kann es auf jeden Fall kaufen!
Commodore Format (May, 1992)
It's not a bad game, is Airborne Ranger and it's quite exciting. You get several different weapons to use (blowing up bunkers with the rocket is a hoot) and there's a fair amount of skill involved. If you're interested in something a bit unusual, and if a penguin at the zoo gives you £3.99 to spend on computer games, this isn't a bad one to buy.
Zzap! (Jan, 1988)
Neither the graphics or sound are particularly outstanding, but the gameplay has plenty of depth, and there are many subtle touches that are only discovered after hours of play. The big drawback is the ludicrously high price tag - if Airborne Ranger was a tenner, I'd recommend it.
Power Play (Dec, 1987)
Ich habe 291 Soldaten gelötet, 30 MG-Nester ausgehoben und 18 militärische Einrichtungen in die Luft gesprengt, Nicht schlecht als Ergebnis eines Tages, aber friedfertig ist das nicht gerade. Hier wird nach meinem Geschmack zu viel gekillt. Wenn man mal von dem kriegerischen Inhalt absieht, spielt sich Airborne Ranger gut. Es ist eine Mischung aus Action und Strategie. die für viel Spannung und fast filmreife Situationen sorgt. Wer seine Mission schaffen will, muß viel Taktik anwenden und darf nicht kopflos drauflosstürmen. Wer also keine moralischen Skrupel hat, wird mit Airbome Ranger gut bedient.
Datormagazin (Feb, 1988)
Min uppfattning om det här spelet är väl inte den bästa. Grafiken är ryckig och fyrkantig, och ljudet är mycket intetsägande. Spelet i sig kan dessutom bli lite långtråkigt. I och för sig finns det många överraskningar och svårighetsgraden är helt lagom. Dessutom lönar det sig att vara taktisk och inte bara springa och skjuta.
Zzap! (May, 1992)
When you eventually get to play the game proper you'll find a rather groovy strategy shoot-'em-up, but by then you'll be too peed off to care. Scoring 73% in Issue 33, I can only assume they were reviewing the disk version - on tape it's a disaster!
With its fast play, as well as great graphics and sound, this game is certain to appeal to both youth and adults. The twelve missions and variable difficulty levels will also mean that garners should not grow tired of it very quickly. Microprose is sure to have a winner with AR.