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Back of Box - DOS (United States):
    The evil Mysterio is a master of illusions and Hollywood special effects. When he lures Spider-Man into a movie studio to rescue Mary Jane Parker, he has Spider-Mam right where he wants him!

    Spider-Man is fighting on Mysterio’s turf — six movie sets packed with robots, electrified floors, doors that aren’t really there and walls coated with a chemical that keeps Spidey’s webs from sticking! Mysterio has even turned gravity upside-down and sideways in some of his scenes!

    Spider-Man needs your help to stay alive and figure out the series of switches that turn Mysterio’s tricks on and off. Your goal is to guide Spider-Man to the studio’s executive suite where Mysterio is holding Mary Jane.

    • Spidey walks, crawls, climbs walls and ceilings, shoots and swings from webs, and uses his famous “spider-sense” to avoid danger
    • Over 250 screens packed with action.
    • Strategy and surprises in every scene!

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (217445) on May 19, 2011.