Black Gold Screenshots (Commodore 64)

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Commodore 64 version

Developer logo
Title screen
Up to 4 people can play
Each choose the company name and logo
Different winning objectives can customise the game
Your desk
Isn't that message a bit of a truism?
Nice Miami Vice pun in the PI's name
The wide world of oil
Title screen
Unfortunately there are no games on your computer.
In each region you can buy 24 oil wells.
You also need oil tanks...
Good news
You can drill yourself or hire an expert.
You can't sell oil if you fail at building pipelines.
The monthly statistics
This is the best saboteur available.
Drilling successful!
Oilfield in flames...
A short animation shows you jumping off the aircraft.
Be quick and extinguish the burning wells.
Illegal actions have been detected!
You will see this message very often.
Receiving an oil well for compensation.
There is some oil to sell in South America.
Selling oil
Info on contracts, oil fields and tanks.