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Break Street Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The main screen, where you can choose the dancer to use and what type of game to play.
Whiprock does a simple wave move.
The head spin is one of the most demanding moves.
The windmill is another demanding ground move.
Showrock demonstrates poppin.
Both dancers in the Double Trouble pair do the same move, this is uprock which is a good way to restore your energy during your routine.
D-Dog is so cool that he doesn't sit with the other dancers on the main screen. If you choose him, he will moon walk into the play area. Here he is busting a difficult hand spin.
D-Dog comes out of the hand spin into a freeze.
Playing the timed routine, Whiprock is doing some basic foot work.
Make sure to use your street name when you enter your high score!
Double Trouble pushes too hard and gets "beached out" from lack of energy. Notice how red they are.
Whiprock failed at doing a particularly difficult set of ground move transitions. He may have sprained his tail bone judging from the tears he cries.