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Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in Computer Entertainment, July 1985:

    Put a small universe inside your computer...
    then climb right in!


    How many times have they told you that in interactive fiction if you have graphics, you can't have as much depth, you can't have an intelligent multiple sentence parser, you can't have a large vocabulary, and you can't have well-written text? THEY WERE WRONG!

    Coming soon from Penguin Software are new graphics adventures written with Comprehend, one of the most powerful adventure systems you'll find anywhere. Using coding techniques to get the most out of your computer, pioneered with The Graphics Magician, Comprehend leaves plenty of space for adventure writers to add vocabulary, intelligence, and depth, and fit a lot into your computer. All this... along with the graphics quality that has made Penguin famous.

    Turn your computer into a vampire's castle in The Crimson Crown, Antonio Antiochia's follow-up to Transylvania. Or into an alien planet in Oo-Topos, by Michael Berlyn. Or even into a cartoon strip in Frank and Ernest's Adventure, based on the comic strip by Bob Thaves. Take home one of these new interactive adventures, put a small universe into your computer, and climb right in!

    Watch for these and other new graphics and text adventures created with Comprehend.

    Polarware graphics adventures...
    coming soon from Penguin Software

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Oct 26, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Erik and Princess Sabrina, and I, Chamberlain Mikhail, implore you to aid our kingdom. A murderous Vampyr terrorizes the land of Wallachia and plots to overthrow the rightful heir to the throne, Crown Prince Erik.

    The Vampyr has in his possession The Crimson Crown, which he stole from His Majesty, King John the Good. The crown possesses great magical powers, as yet unknown to the Vampyr. Should he learn them and the means to employ them, the kingdom is most certainly doomed.

    Prince Erik and Princess Sabrina will accompany you, if you should decide to help save this land and its people. I must warn you, this will be a dangerous adventure! The Vampyr is treacherous and will do all in his power to destroy you and your Royal companions.

    Signed, Mikhail

    Contributed by Trixter (9117) on Mar 08, 1999.