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This game suffers nearly the same fate as Cyborg in that the booter simply refuses to work on a majority of PCs. The code which loads the game has a quirk (not really a bug because it is valid code) in which it checks the value of the AX register after reading some sectors off the disk, and falls into a "disk error" screen whenever AX is not zero. On BIOSes released after the IBM PC (pretty much every computer made after 1982!) the standard BIOS code was changed to always return the number of sectors read in AX. Thus, the game only works on original IBM 5150's and 100% compatibles. The game does not load on the IBM XT, Tandy 1000 series, or even the IBM PCjr, as they were all released after the BIOS standard changed.


An interesting note in the front of the manual- "Written in MicroMotion FORTH-79".

Contributed by Robert Morgan (1059) on Aug 05, 2000. [revised by : jeff leyda (1810)]. -- edit trivia