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atari adventure

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TeleMatch (Nov, 1984)
Das gesamte Geschehen ist mit viel Witz und einer unwahrscheinlichen Liebe zum Detail inszeniert, so da├č es einem schwerf├Ąllt, den Joystick aus der Hand zu legen. Dies geschieht jedoch sp├Ątestens dann, wenn sich schmerzhaft die ersten Blasen an den betroffenen Fingern ank├╝ndigen, denn dieses Spiel geht zwar nicht in die Beine, jedoch enorm in die Handgelenke. Ein abwechslungsreiches Spiel, das nicht so schnell langweilig wird. Ein Bravo f├╝r Grafik und Animation!
Commodore User (Nov, 1984)
If you are a dedicated Daley Thompson fan, wish to take part in athletic events by proxy or are extra keen on unorthodox joystick actions then arrange for a demo - don't buy on spec! After this program had given me a workout I was utterly sick of it.
Your Commodore (Dec, 1984)
MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A METAL joystick for this game or it will cost a lot of money in new ones. This is a good reproduction of the arcade athletics game except that there isn't any voice synthesis. In this game you have to compete the ten events in which Daley Thompson competed in the Olympics. (...) I did enjoy this game immensely but when I jumped or threw something, my man always fouled or fell over. It's worth playing but I do miss the voice at the beginning.
We staged off a run-off between the original Decathlon game - now available for the Commodore from Activision - and Daley's new game. (...) Ultimately, you have to pay your money and take your choice. If you want a copy-cat version of the arcade Track & Field machine, go for Daley's Decathlon from Ocean. If you want a more accurate graphic representation of an athletic event with realistic movement, then go for the Activision Decathlon. Personally, I reckon that Activision's game gets the gold with Daley's version of a close contender for the silver.
The graphics are very good, and the music entertaining. This is a very addictive game.

atari adventure