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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - C64/Spectrum (DE-IT-UK):


    These were the first words uttered by our timeless hero on the 14th April 1950 in issue one of the Eagle comic.
    Now, 40 years on, the Mekon's plans are still to conquer Earth via diabolical genetic experiments with Dan as the guinea-pig. Dan has alternative ideas and with your assistance makes good his escape aboard the shuttle craft while destroying the satellite space station and sending the Mekon back to his regeneration unit.

    This game, being part of the Dan Dare Nostalgia Collection, has been released 40 years to the day of the very first words being spoken by our intrepid hero — Dan. It's up to you to help him escape to continue the fight against evil. The story continues .....

    Contributed by jean-louis (53314) on Mar 01, 2020.