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    Can you survive the haunted house on the Hill? From the moment the creaking drawbridge closes behind you until you slay the Black Knight, Dark Castle is a nonstop life-and-death adventure. Pitting you against the evil that threatens you at every turn, Dark Castle requires that you think quick, act fast, and have a real zest for life.

    You're now entering the decathlon of danger. Your assignment? Overthrow the Black Knight. But first you must safely pass through fourteen danger zones--each more treacherous than the last--that are guiarded by everything from flying monkeys to dragons.

    You have a handful of rocks--for fending off anything that stands (or crawls, or flies) in your way--and four extra lives for those instances you're caught with your guard down. Bottles of elixer are scattered along your trek to ward off bat and rat bites. As your quest progresses you may also come upon a mace, fireballs, and a magic shield to add to your cause.

    Where will your adventure take you? Through dungeons, laboratories, and caves. Up and down ladders and ropes. Over trap doors. Past whipcracking henchmen and Merlin the Magician, all of whom kill first, then ask questions. By creepy crawlers, kamikazee vultures, and other mutants of mischief. And the more elusive you are, the more difficult it gets.

    So real it's frightening. Taking complete advantage of your computer's sound and visual capabilities, Dark Castle has you looking over your shoulder as soon as your hunt for the Black Knight begins. Experience the thrill of Dark Castle and found out for yourself. Are you a hero? Or are you history?

    Contributed by Olivier Masse (450) on May 08, 1999.