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atari breakout

Emilio Butragueño ¡Fútbol! Credits

14 people (3 developers, 11 thanks)


Programmed byDaniel Gutierrez, Adolfo Gutierrez
Graphics byAdolfo Gutierrez
Music byCésar Astudillo
Dedicated to (Dedicado a)Joaquin Barrantes, Carlos Galeote, David Feijoo, Raul Cascajo, David Aparicio
Greetings to (Saludas a)Manuel Heras, Miguel Lacarra, Ignacio Gutierrez, Coca, Jose, y demas amigos (and other friends)

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César Astudillo, 19 other games

Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (257794) and LepricahnsGold (142446)

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