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Endless Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen (Dutch)
Loading Screen (Dutch)
The story (Dutch)
Strategy of the game (Dutch)
Starting Location (Dutch)
Keep moving between the beams! (Dutch)
With a key like this, you can open those doors! (Dutch)
Tip: If you go up now, you can crash into an enemy. To avoid this you first have to go to the right and then go up between the mines. Now the enemy will crash and you can safely move up. (Dutch)
Tip: This is the right place to wait for the enemy, who will suddenly appear beyond the beam, has crashed into something
IF you've pressed the exclamation mark with the space bar you don't have to start again at the starting location, but HERE instead! (Dutch)
Timing is very important! (Dutch)
Tip: Press down the space bar on this key and THEN move down very QUICKLY! Otherwise, the yellow door will close again!
Watch out! An enemy will appear as soon you leave these moving scrolls
If you press the blue levers, the doors will open! (Dutch)
Tip: Just like before you've to Push the key and MOVE VERY QUICKLY down! Otherwise, the yellow doors will close and you'll have to go back and push the key again! (Dutch)
Please be aware of this energy wire when you go down quickly to prevent you to crash into the closing doors! (Dutch)
Pressing this switch will change the direction of the scroll tracks that lies further up.
Tip: There is a spot between these moving scrolls and the energy wire where you can't be hit! Or you have to time it well!
Now these scroll tracks will go up, instead of down (Dutch)
Ooops. Let's try again (Dutch)
If you go up to the right, you can dodge less mines
Beware! Keep on watch out for energy wires who will appear when you do not expect them here