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Eternal Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Game info
Intro sequence
Level 1
Enemy destroyed
Facing hostile robot
Two diamonds
Robot died in the water
Diamonds guardian
Level exit gate
Level 2
Vicious alien attack
Standing on the precipice
Three diamonds ahead
Exit gate guardian
Level 3
Robot is falling into the abyss
Aerial duel
Aliens teleportation point
Time out!
Level 4
High jumping
Right on time!
Level 5
No way to get these diamonds
That's an easy find
Exit gate
Level 6
Two on one
Small platform climbing
Exit gate
Contact with stalactite receives life
Level 7
Contact with a hook takes a life
End of the short level
Level 8
Safe passage above enemy robots
Last a life due the contact with the hook
Columns jumping
Diamonds all around
Level 9
Fast running level, just 15 seconds to reach the gate
Out of time!
Level 10
Avoiding the hook
Level 11
Guardian attacks
Level 12
Atomic blow out of the enemy
This requires a perfect jump