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Floyd the Droid Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen.
Title Screen (Dutch)
Loading Screen (English)
Main Menu.
Credits (Dutch)
About (Dutch)
Programming procedures.
Lets clean the sewers.
Main Menu (Dutch)
A bat is approaching.
Another thing to clean up (Dutch)
Removing something disgusting.
A Rat is approaching (Dutch)
A Rat attacked! (Dutch)
Map (Dutch)
An Approaching Alligator! (Dutch)
Battle with an Alligator (Dutch)
Battle with a Bat (Dutch)
Total Score of the first city; Amsterdam (Dutch)
Level 2: Londen (Dutch)
Start Location in the second city; Londen (Dutch)
A Bat in Londen (Dutch)
Total Score in Londen (Dutch)
Level 3: Parijs (Dutch)
Starting Location in the third city; Parijs (Dutch)
Beware of the Escaped Prisoner in Parijs! (Dutch)
Being attacked by a Rat in the sewers of Parijs! (Dutch)
The Total Score in Parijs (Dutch)
Level 4: Berlijn (Dutch)
Starting Location in the sewers of the fourth city; Berlijn (Dutch)
Cleaning up in Berlijn (Dutch)
The Escaped Prisoner Attacked! (Dutch)